Monday, December 8, 2008

Knitting Basics Part 5: Binding Off

Okay, so what do you do to end your knitting? When you reach the end of your scarf or other flat piece, you will "bind off." This sounds like you're banishing the knitting or tying it off. No, you're actually knitting it off your needles so that it can stand alone without unraveling as a finished piece, like a scarf or until you sew it to another part of a garment such as a sweater. I hope you've enjoyed these videos and that they've been useful to you. There are other videos on the web which will give additional help to various aspects of knitting. My favorite is I've tried to go slowly enough that you can knit along with me. I've probably overdone the repetitions, but with knitting, as with any craft, practice can only improve your skills. I made myself a DVD of the combined videos to use with my knitting students at school. That way, I can put it in the DVD player and several can do this at once. With only 45 minutes once a month, it's hard to get to everyone when I have up to 32 kids at once by myself. Fortunately, I have a great group of kids to work with. So, here's a challenge for those of you who wish to learn to knit: See who can start knitting and finish a scarf before the end of the year. I will mail a free skein of Wool-Ease Thick & Quick to someone who sends me a picture of a completed scarf by January 1, 2009 that they made after using these videos. Good luck; now, go out and knit!


Kim Kasch said...

I tried to do a knitting vlog on my blogspot. It's not as easy as it looks - I forgot the word "needle" and it's kinda hard to explain knitting without using that word. :)

You do a good job.

Craft Write said...

Thanks, Kim.