Sunday, December 14, 2008

Henry's Book is Out!

Henry's book, House and Philosophy, Everybody Lies has hit the bookstores. For anyone who loves the show, House, MD, as much as we do, you would enjoy seeing the characters through a philosophical eye. We were so excited to receive the first copy of the book in the mail last month. The publisher has been pleased with sales and they're already translating the book - into Portuguese! The book was a work of love for Henry, one of House's biggest fans. He is the writer of the first article and the main editor. Series editor is Bill Irwin. Contributors of the articles included philosophers from around the world. John Wiley & Sons is the publisher. Henry is scheduled for two book signings so far: Barnes & Noble in Greenville, NC and Border's Books in Carey, NC, both in February. The book is available through, Barnes & Noble and Border's Books.

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