Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hanukkah Gourd

I started on a Hanukkah gourd that could be used to store Hanukkah candles, dreidels, gelt, etc. I'm using an apple gourd which already had the top cut off. Fortunately for me, the "innards" came out easily with very little scraping. I did manage to save a few nice seeds for later projects or for planting.
I wanted a Star of David on the front and thought 1/4" masking tape would be perfect to create the star without making it too wide. It took some adjusting and a mini level to make sure the star was straight. A sharp craft knife was used to trim the ends. I left the tape on until the paint was applied and dried. I used a combination Plaid Folk Art Inca Gold (metallic) and Night Sky (their new Shiny Paint), which I applied with a sea sponge, double-loaded. I went over the gourd a couple of times to layer with both colors, then over a third time with just the blue. After drying with my hair dryer, I removed the paint starting from each point and working carefully toward the inside of each strip so as not to remove any paint with the tape. I liked the look of the star without adding paint to it since the rest of the gourd is rather vibrant and left it natural.The inside was then painted using just the Shiny blue paint and a One-Stroke sponge. While it was wet, I sprinkled glitter on the inside to add some sparkle. I'm leaving it overnight to dry completely, then I'll add a sealer, probably satin. This would make both a decorative object for the holidays and a functional holiday piece. It's large enough to keep a small box of Hanukkah candles or larger candles could be kept in it if they are removed from the box first and placed in baggies.

This might be a fun activity to do with small children before the holiday:
Take a full box of candles: 45.
Have the child count out enough candles for each day, including the Shamash candle, which is used to light the others. After the child has sorted them into groups, let him/her bag them and label them with the number within or the day they'll be lit.
Each day, let your child be in charge of gathering the correct bag of candles for that night's lighting.


C.R. Evers said...

Oh wow! That's amazing! that finish makes it look like a piece of pottery! Wow!

Craft Write said...

Thanks, Christy. It's easy to do with sponges. Kind of like faux finishing on gourds. The natural gourd surface shows through a little as well and adds to the layers.