Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hand-Made Cards

I decided that this last week of school was too hectic to try anything too heavily academic for my students (see my last post on our Goalies blog: More Characterizations From Everyday Life, or Christmas Would You Just Get Here Already?). Since I do teach Reading, and Writing kind of/sort of falls under that heading, this was a good time to incorporate my crafts into my teaching. We've been going on and for inspiration on how to design a greeting card. It took a little prodding for my students to get started. Some wanted to copy one of the card verses from the websites. Others sat and stared at the computer screen (oh, how I recognized the writer's block stare). They finally started writing and the words began to flow. I'm so proud of their heartfelt words, mostly to their parents, but a few have been given to other staff around the school. We're using 12 x 12 Christmas scrapbook paper, cut in half to make two cards. Each piece is then folded the long way. A bone awl was used to crease the edges. The kids are creating their verses on Word, then printing them off, trimming the verses and gluing the verses to the inside of the card. The scrapbook paper makes a lovely covering. I'm going to take a few of my scrapbook items today for them to add to the designs. I also decided to make my own cards, complete with verse for them this year. I'm posting a tutorial here for my snowman cards.
After the outside paper is folded and creased, I used two different snowflake punches on the front and the back of the card.
Next I folded a piece of white paper the same size as the outside paper.
I used a border punch to add interest to the outer edges of the front and the back of the card.
I used a glue stick to glue the two papers together.
This allowed the inside white paper to show through the outside paper.

I composed a verse for my students and cut this out for the inside of the card, rounding the corners, then gluing it to the inside.
Around the verse and on the white paper, I glued snowflakes which had been cut previously with the punches.

My favorite part of the card is that when you hold it up to a light, the snowflakes from the outer paper show though the white paper, giving it an added dimension.

A foam snowman sticker and two vellum snowflake stickers were added to the front of the card. Blush was added to the snowman's cheeks using a Q-tip and some scrapbook chalks. My camera has decided to go on the fritz this morning, so I apologize for the final pictures' being a little blurry.
I hope you have fun with this project. My students were excited to get their cards and some began making a new card with the punches similar to mine. They even used plaid paper with green or red insides which also looked very good. Save your cut-outs for embellishments for the cards you're presently working on or for future projects.
Take care and have a safe holiday: Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Happy Chanukkah!

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