Sunday, November 30, 2008

What I Learned on Thanksgiving

Things I learned over the Thanksgiving holidays:
1. Family is ultimately important. This isn't new for me. It was very strongly reinforced over the past week.
2. Family doesn't have to be just blood-related. Our friends form a bond which is sometimes just as strong.
3. I can go for a walk in 28 degree weather and still be warm when dogs and family are included.
4. Other people's pets can help when my pets are not close enough to hold.
5. The first James Bond movie with Daniel Craig had a better story than the second.
6. Airports are perfect places to not see humanity at its best, but they are good places to develop characters for your writing.
7. I can knit cables even when sitting on a crowded airplane with my elbows held next to my sides.
8. I will look for a different airline the next time I travel. Northwest charged us an additional $55.00 for three bags checked each way and still wanted $3.00 for a very small can of Pringles on board. Their coffee was awful; at least it was free.
9. The Raleigh airport does not have sufficient signs for people to find their way around (like my mom and sister who were trying to pick us up last night in the dark and ended up circling the airport a few times before getting to ground transport).
10. There's nothing like your cats forgiving you for leaving them for several days (yes, we did have friends looking after them) and snuggling up next to you when you finally get to fall asleep in your own bed. Bunkai purred so loudly on his way to the bed that it sounded like birds chirping in our bedroom. Both stayed with us all night and Willow hasn't let me out of her sight today:)

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Janelle said...

Hi Kathy,

A very observant post! : ) Looks like you had some interesting experiences so far this holiday season!