Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Faux Fur Mouse

I've made these countless times for my cats and they seem to love them. They're relatively simple.
Materials needed:
Fake fur, thread to match
Piece of cording about twice as long as your fur
Dry catnip and funnel
Sharp scissors and sewing machine

Remember when you learned to cut out a heart by folding a piece of paper the long way and then cutting out half a heart from the side that was folded? Start cutting upward, then round out to make the big top part of the heart, then cut downward until you reach the bottom point. You then open the paper and there is the heart. I learned to do this when I was in elementary school and can cut these mice out without a pattern, but I'll provide one here in case you're not sure. Stitch them on the sewing machine starting at the "head" part, or bottom of heart with about a one-eighth seam. The faux fur is sturdy and a larger seam will be too bulky to turn. Leave about an inch to inch and a half opening near the top curve, then insert all of the cording tail but about an inch and stitch the last inch or so. Use a funnel with a large opening to pour dried catnip inside to stuff. Hand-stitch the opening closed and toss to your cats. They'll take care of the rest. I've included a picture of one of my cats' old mice. It's pretty mangled, but they still love it. Have fun and send me pictures of mice you make.

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