Sunday, September 7, 2008

Knitting by Anne Bartlett

I finished listening to the book, Knitting, by Anne Bartlett, narrated by Beverley Dunn. I thought it had a very easy pace, which is a little treat to me after mainly reading YA and MG this summer. The pace matched its characters, Sandra and Martha, who meet by chance and become both business partners and personal friends. I love the way the author let her characters develop the story before slowly letting their inner turmoils take over their lives. The ending was very sweet and sad in some ways. The supporting characters were unique and lent just enough contrast to bring out Sandra's and Martha's quirks. The story revolves around a knitting exhibition that Sandra is hosting, and which Martha has been asked to do the actual knitting. Each has her own reason to see the exhibition completed, but when it causes mental and physical stress, it nearly ends their relationship. I found the characters believable and charming and fully people I would enjoy getting to know. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys knitting or, like Sandra, enjoys watching others knit.

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