Friday, September 26, 2008

Knit One, Save One

I apologize for the late entry on this article, but I just came across this charity activity from the Lion Brand Newsletter. The charity ends October 21, but there is still time to submit newborn hats if you can knit one up quickly. The Save the Children Foundation is sponsoring this drive to provide newborn infants a wooly hat. Many poor mothers in the world do not have hats for their newborns who can lose vital body heat through their heads, leading to pneumonia. The link provided will give you directions for making the hats as well as a tag to attach to the hat before sending to:
Save the Children
1 St John's Lane
London ECIM 4AR

The information and tag template are at this address:


Ian Sands said...

Wow, i commend you on this excellent charity! I can't knit but i might know some people who do. i'll pass the word...

Craft Write said...

Thanks, Ian, please invite them to my Knit & Swish next month. October 18th (Saturday).