Saturday, September 27, 2008

Found the Perfect Hat Pattern

Well, I'm still fighting this cold this weekend and after dragging myself out of bed for the second time today, I decided to pamper myself by sitting in front of the computer and cruising through I came across several tutorials for Navaho plying which has now intrigued and added to my yarn/spinning obsession. I also, through these sites, stumbled across a great hat to knit and try to send off for the Knit One, Save One project. Here's the website (
The best part of this article besides the great hat design itself is this sentence, which I quote, "It's a natural for a silly baby hat, the kind that gives the kid the idea that the world is full of friendly people because everyone they meet on the street is cracking up."
Now, isn't that the greatest idea! Start your child's view of the world as a happy place. There will be plenty of time later for sorrow and seriousness in this life. The first couple of years in an ideal world should be happy and warm and full of laughter. I think laughter is underrated these days. It is often more effective in restoring a person's well-being as medicine. I see too many kids at the middle school where I teach who don't laugh, or laugh at the wrong things. They're angry at life. Occasionally, one of the school clubs sponsors Hat Day and the crazy hats come out. There are more smiles on those days than usual. I think legislation for schools should concentrate more on improving the psyches of these kids by instilling a sense of light-heartedness and joy with more days built into the curriculum rather than the serious Character Education programs that concentrate on telling kids how they can be more productive citizens. So, if you're considering making a hat for a baby, why not make it a little silly? You may be helping to mold that child's world into a happier place.

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