Thursday, July 3, 2008


This blog is an attempt to do my part for the animals in need on this planet. I'm a crafter who loves nature and wants to do her part to make this planet a better, more humane place. Here's how I envision this blog developing:
I will post different causes which pull at my heartstrings. You're welcome to submit a cause you have and I will consider placing it in my link section.
I will also post different craft items which will be listed here and on ebay to raise money for donation to different charities involving animals.
The money raised will be donated to these charities.
I'm concerned for humans as well, but my time and resources are limited, so I'm confining these to those unable to speak for themselves.
My cats, Bunkai and Willow were both rescue animals. They will be the spokes cats for this blog. They give their full support and approval to anyone involved in this venture. I'm jumping into this just before a week-long hiatus so bear with me. I'll be going full force when I return.
My first charity cause is our local animal shelter. It's a long time coming and is underway now (being built). Our old one is decades old, in bad repair and thoroughly depressing. Our local humane society has been very active in promoting fund raisers, even offering to cut their hair for donations. Their dedication is unbelievable.

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C.R. Evers said...

What a great way to use your blog to help animals!

Way to go Kathy!