Sunday, July 20, 2008

One Stroke CEC

I recently attended the One Stroke Painting Continuing Education Seminar in Orlando, Florida. What a great time! This is the first time I've been able to attend one of these due to scheduling conflicts with work. I hate when having to earn a living interferes with having fun. This year, it was in the middle of the summer, so off I went. Henry declined to accompany me, saying that Florida was the last place he wanted to be in July. My sister, Rheta, who is always a good sport and loves to travel, went with me. I took three classes: Studio Clay from Sculpey, Wall Painting and Faux Finishes with April Numamoto, and Painting Animals with Jane Zhao. The teachers for all of these classes were wonderful and extremely talented. I met Donna Dewberry, who created the One Stroke technique. She is a very warm and gracious person, and passes on the desire to share what she knows of painting and related crafts to all whom she teaches. The atmosphere at the seminar was very happy and open. One of my favorite features was the Do and Dash which was set up in a large ballroom. Vendors were set up for participants to move from table to table, making small projects and sampling the latest products. I made a small flower on cloth with puffy paint. This was extremely easy to do and I have already started embellishing my own clothes at home with the bottle I purchased. I'm including two photos from the booth with clothing that was done using the paint and stencils. We used a brush for the project and painted the puffy paint onto an already drawn picture. I also tried calligraphy and purchased a set of pen, inks and nibs (are you starting to see a pattern here?). This was fun and I did actually remember some techniques from, ahem, decades ago when I took a course in college. The pen is much more comfortable than the ones I used in college and I think I can make some progress using the techniques I picked up at this booth. I also visited a booth where the beautiful One Stroke fabrics were displayed. Donna now teaches a One Stitch Quilting technique. I think this is quilting I might have patience to try some day. We used a small square of fabric with some hem binding sewn on. The hem binding was cut along the edges. We used nail scrubbers and water to "fuzz" the edges of the binding. Once thrown in the washer, these become like chenille. There was a quilt on display with some features of "chenille". Very pretty and so soft; a great tactile feature for a kid's quilt. I stopped at another booth which also featured Donna's fabrics. We used Plaid glitter fabric paints to embellish the printed fabric. One of the most popular booths included using fabric paint and the new cork stamps to embellish a cloth tote. All items in the Do and Dash were free and I'll be using this tote for school. I made a luggage tag at another booth featuring Roc-Lan fabric. This is a unique fabric which is made from six layers of fabric pressed into one. It's very durable and can be painted on and used for floor mats, once sealed. There were other booths that I didn't get to, but I'm including a picture of the ribbon pictures here. These were beautiful quilt squares with ribbon that is ironed on. They were even more striking up close.
Every morning, we were treated to new techniques in painting with Donna and an opportunity to try new products coming out by Plaid, such as the new texture paints (in colors), chalkboard paints (in colors), new Mod Podge (glow in the dark and fabric Mod Podge). We were also given a new cork stamp to use and keep. We used these to make a wood frame with stain. We used the High Definition paints and fabric paints.
One of the most fun activities was a late night quilting bee. Donna was requested by Delta Airlines to make 200 small quilts for a children's hospital in Utah. She asked us to help with this project. We were given fabric, batting and thread. We divided into groups and started work. These were assembled by placing one layer of batting between two 72" by 45" pieces of fabric. We tied knots with yarn to hold these together, like making a comforter. The edges were folded in and hand-stitched to hem. My partners stitched the edges and I painted hearts in the corners. We all painted "Love, Maria" by the hearts. Maria Dewberry was one of Donna's children who passed away several years ago. Donna and her husband Marc began a foundation in her name. It sponsors a youth camp for underprivileged children. Donna said we brought the total number of quilts up to 60.
The hotel, the Caribe Royale, was beautiful. I'm enclosing a picture of the pool. I did make it in the water once for a swim. The waterfall is a fun feature to see, not to swim under I found out. I did hear complaints from some other participants about the hotel, concerning the walk from the hotel rooms to the Convention Hall where classes were held. I found the walk to be good for a little exercise after sitting for classes. The hotel staff were very friendly and the hotel offers several restaurants. Getting lunch or a quick bite was never an issue. I would definitely be willing to stay there again. I had a great experience this year and look forward to next year, hopefully in the mid-summer again.

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