Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cat Garden Coming Together (formerly on Tiny Green Thumbs)

I bought a few more pots today, but I still don't have enough. I guess that means back to the store tomorrow. I planted most of the plants for the porch tonight so I thought I'd share some pointers. First, always wash your pots before putting new plants in them. There may be germs or disease left from plants that were in them before, or from people touching them in the store. Next, decide which plants go in which pot. Look at the bottom of the pots that the plants came in. If you see roots hanging out, pull these off. It's a good thing I'm planting this thyme; it looks like it's trying to grow out of the pot! If your new pot doesn't have a hole in the bottom for the water to drain out, put some rocks in the bottom before you add dirt. This keeps the roots from sitting in water which could make them rot. Now, fill your pot with good potting soil. Leave room for the plants. Very carefully, turn the plant over so that it will slide out of the old container. If it doesn't come out, gently squeeze the container until the plant and its roots slide out into your hand. Place the plant down into the new soil and gently, but firmly press down with your hands around the plant so that it is held in the soil. Fill in around the plant with more soil. Since these plants will be around my cats, I covered the top of the soil with aquarium gravel so that they wouldn't think they could use the pots for a litter box. Last, water slowly until some water comes out of the bottom. Place the pots where the plants can get enough sun. Now, you know how to start your own container garden. Thumbs up!

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