Friday, June 20, 2008

New Moon

I finished New Moon by Stephanie Meyer today. This is the second in the Twilight series books about teenage vampire/human romance. I read the first book, Twilight a few months ago and purchased the audio book New Moon through for my i pod. I'm enjoying the series, and can't wait to start on the third book, eclipse. Ms. Meyer does a great job with the teenage protagonist, Bella who falls in love with the vampire Edward. Theirs is the typical Romeo & Juliet story and in fact the R & J story is discussed in the books by the central characters as they compare their fates to the Shakespeare couple. In New Moon, a new character finds a voice, Bella's friend Jacob, a Native American friend who discovers his tribe's connection to their wolf ancestry. I find a lot of similarities in these books with the Buffyverse, but for me that's a positive. I've missed the Buffy universe with vampires, werewolves and teen/young adult angst. I think I will purchase the next book, Eclipse on audio as well as I enjoy listening to the story. The narrator, Ilyana Kadushin, has a nice voice and is easy to follow.

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