Thursday, May 1, 2008

Lisa's Plate II

I've started adding some details to the giraffes. I tried with the High Definition paints (Folkart), but they just seemed too thick for fine detail. I like using the regular acrylic paints for this. I like using the HD paints for backgrounds. This plate had a finish on it and I was afraid to do more than just minimal sanding on it since it was not my plate. The HD paints have a really good grip and blend well for large background colors. I worried about the two paints not being compatible, but after all they're both acrylic. I remembered doing wall painting with Folkart paints over regular wall paints. That works as well because, again, they're both acrylic paints (flat or eggshell paints). The regular paints work just fine over the HD. I painted in the eyes and I believe this helped me with the overall look of the giraffes. I need to work on the mother giraffe's ear; I believe it's too small. Painting is like writing. Some days it works and some days it's better to leave it alone and come back. I'm anxious to finish this and hopefully will this weekend.

Other news: I'm getting a spinning wheel. Yes, yes, yes. Henry and I visited Weaver's Web Gallery yesterday in New Bern, NC. We looked at two wheels and I picked out the Louette. It has a classic style wheel and is beautiful. I'm going back this summer after school's out to take lessons. My first attempt yesterday ended with the wheel snatching the whole piece of wool out of my hands - whoosh! :) I'm going to post more later when I start my lessons. The summer's getting even better already!

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