Sunday, May 25, 2008

Faery Knitting Podcast

I've been listening to a podcast which is called Faery Knitting. It's produced by Spinningerin, who spins, knits, makes goat cheese from her own goats on her Texas farm and also tells us a faery tale each episode. I have been fascinated by these stories since childhood. Maybe that's why I've ended up such a sci-fi/fantasy reader as an adult. I tried reading the Nancy Drew books as an elementary student, like my friends did, but could never stay with them. I always returned to the Doctor Doolittle or Wizard of Oz series books. Give me something magical to read and I'm there. I also knew Spinningerin was cool today when I was listening to her episode of The Goose Girl and heard her make a reference to Bertie Wooster. If you're not familiar with these books by P.G. Wodehouse, do yourself a favor and check them out. No, they're not fantasy, but the situations that this character gets himself into and out of almost defy reality. P.G Wodehouse was a British author who wrote these books in the 1930's. They're hysterically funny. Henry and I own a copy of the British sitcom which featured Bertie and his butler, Jeeves, the brainier of the two. They're a treat to watch and do justice to the novels.
Back to Faery Knitting. I visited the blog today and discovered another podcast, Craft Lit, in which the podcaster reads from literature. I have subscribed to this podcast as well and will report back as soon as I've had a chance to listen. Being an audio book addict, this is like finding a new restaurant which features my favorite food. Thanks for the reference, Erin, and continued success with your podcast.

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