Monday, April 28, 2008

Tagged Again

I've been tagged again, this time by Karen Lee, one of my writing pals and writer/illustrator extraordinare. The task is this: pick up the book nearest you, turn to page 123, find sentence #5, then write down the next three sentences. She has this posted on her blog: Well, the closest book to where I'm sitting at the computer is one I'm saving for this summer to read at breakfast with my cats: Igraine the Brave by Cornelia Funke. She is one of my top five favorite children's authors and this is one of the few she's written I haven't read yet. Here goes:
" 'He certainly would," agreed Sir Lamorak. "And your brother is acquitting himself bravely, but it's high time we got our own magic powers back so that we can put an end to all this tail-curling nonsense."
"I'm really sorry that you are our guest at Pimpernel at such a difficult time," Melisande continued to the Sorrowful Knight, who was still standing by the door looking uncertain of himself."
Now, I'm more anxious than ever for school to end so that I can actually enjoy breakfast without feeling guilty about not being in more of a rush and have time to savor reading this book, rather than stealing minutes here and there. The birds are frequenting my backyard feeders more now and we've started landscaping. We planted a coral bark maple in the backyard and a red dogwood, miniature roses and Mexican heather in the front. The pond should go in later this week. With the recent rains, our drought restrictions have been lifted and we can start buying shrubs and flowers to add to the landscape. We're planning a Japanese-style garden in the back, which we've wanted for some years now. Thirty-nine more days, including weekends...

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