Saturday, April 26, 2008

Lisa's Plate

Okay, so I've made a little progress on the plate. I waited a day to let the background dry. I decided to cut out the sketches I made of the giraffes and monkeys so that I could figure out placement on the plate. I'm glad I did since I did a separate sketch of each. The baby monkey's head was much to large. I played around with my scanner and transferred the image to Paint so that I could save the image as a jpeg. For some reason, I can't get my scanner program to save any images to anywhere else in my computer. I pulled up the image using Adobe Photoshop and shrank it to fit the image of the mother monkey. After placing the images on the plate, I traced around them with a piece of chalk, then began to fill in the tree. I've also started basecoating the giraffes. I think I may wait another day to go back to add details. I may basecoat the monkeys tonight. That depends on how long the NFL draft lasts which will determine if Henry is available for movie watching....

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