Monday, January 28, 2008

Gourd Podcast, Episode 2: Gourd Cats

In this episode, I talked about finishing my Mini Frog on Gourd and about making Gourd Cats. I greatly enjoyed doing the leaves and the polymer clay frog for the online class. They were a lot of fun. I overcooked the gourd and leaves (and frog), but it does give an interesting texture at the same time. I'm still working on the Christmas Crow. Both projects are from Check out all of their classes. They're great! I learned how not to do quite a number of things in this lesson: don't overcook a gourd - it smokes and the air becomes hard to breathe. I'm getting used to my new oven I purchased just for polymer clay. It is a little too efficient and I'm going to have to cut down the temperature next time.
Back to the Gourd Cats. I used paper clay to mold the eyes, ears, nose and cheeks. Paper clay is great to work with and air dries very quickly. It's easy to sand when dry and takes paint well. The tail is the handle of a dipper gourd and was cut off at the base and attached with liquid nails, then covered with paper clay to smooth it out. The painting of the mouse on the back of the cat was inspired by a line drawing of a mouse in a royalty-free pattern book of animal sketches.Hope you enjoy the pictures. Join me for this podcast at:

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