Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Scarf

I have finally finished the longest knitting project of my knitting career, which, incidentally isn't all that long. I just learned to knit with needles last summer. I undertook a project to complete by this Christmas for the daughter of a good friend of ours - a hat and scarf combination from the Charmed Knits book, both knitted in Gryffindor colors. It was a real learning experience as I'd never knitted with such small yarn. I must have started over on each item at least twice. They will go into the mail today as they will travel halfway across the country. I now know how to decrease a hat with double pointed needles, how to add color and catch up the new yarn in the knitting as well as how to do a double bind-off. I also learned not to add tassels on the first end finished until the other end is bound off so the whole thing doesn't end up twisted and you have to remove the tassels once again to get them straight. Whew! Anyway, I hope our friend enjoys these as much as I did knitting them. I'm now onto knitting bamboo scarves for other friends. Seven days left. Fly needles, fly!

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Janelle said...

Loving the Griffindor hat and scarf, Kathy! - Janelle