Saturday, December 8, 2007

Bartok Gourd

This is the latest tutorial of a gourd design process. I was commissioned to design a gourd for a colleague of my husband. It is for his father who is a fan of the composer Bartok. I found a piece of his music entitled Peasant Costume. I used two rubber stamps, one of three dancers and one of a musical stamp. I used four lengths of 1/4" masking tape to lay out the musical staff. I stamped the dancer images onto wide masking tape, three sets so that I could cut the images individually to place around the gourd. They're positioned to appear dancing on the music.
I used the same technique with the musical note to fill in the empty space between the dancers. The musical notes were drawn in by hand to match the composition. I waited overnight for the wood putty to dry in the bug holes. This provides a more even surface. I sanded the puttied holes in the morning and then pyrographed the images through the masking tape. The stem broke off during burning, so I decided to cover it up. I tried gluing without success, and then made a musical note out of Maker's Clay in black. This is an air dry clay which has a unique feel. I enjoyed using it as it went together pretty quickly. While it was soft I set it onto the top of the gourd, then removed it to dry overnight. I glued it back on when it was dry with Elmer's Wood Glue. The indention was already set into the bottom of the note, so it fitted perfectly. Sorry, but I didn't manage to get a final picture before it was whisked off to its new owner. Maybe I can get him to send me one for the blog.

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