Saturday, August 11, 2007


Well, we're really excited about moving to our new house. I have tried to start taking pictures of my craft space in my present house to chronicle the process. I am getting the entire bonus room for my new craft studio and am beside myself with excitement. The best part is for once having everything in one room, as opposed to part in a sewing closet, part in an extra unused bedroom and part in the garage. Henry still doesn't believe that I'll get everything in the new room no matter how big it is. We'll see. I'm including a few pictures I took before I started packing. As you can see, I tend to start numerous projects at once instead of sticking to one until finished. That's just the way I am; no apologies.
I have been trying to finish a knitted Gryffindor hat without a lot of success. It seemed to be coming along until I decreased the top. It turned out too pointy. I should have followed the pattern more closely, considering my lack of experience in knitting. But being the non-conformist that I am, I thought I knew what I was doing. I may just put a pompom on the top and finish the loose ends and sell it on my new etsy shop as an elf hat. Check the links below. So far I only have one flannel hat that I made as a trial hat before I attempted one for our nephew's HP party.
The cats are showing some signs of being a little nervous about what's going on. They usually get antsy when we pack a suitcase. Now, we're packing the whole house. At least they're being allowed into the craft room, which is exciting to them. I have to check under the table each time I come out and close the door. They may be curled up asleep somewhere they were never allowed to go before. Sometimes they just offer to sleep on what I need to pack. Anyway, back to packing. I'll add more later. (See Her Pookiness in photo)

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